We are a woman-owned and operated business that supports women’s reproductive rights. As such, we commit to never accepting a case of fetal or preterm infant remains. Additionally, when accepting the cases of infant remains, we will strive to verify a crime has occurred which resulted in the child’s death. As individuals and as a company, we hope to see other IGG organizations adopt these same policies to ensure women who suffer from miscarriage are

  Woman-owned and operated business specializes in forensic genetic genealogy for the identification of perpetrators and victims of violent crimes   WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK, MAY 2022 –  Coast to Coast Genetic Genealogy Services (CCGG) announces its official launch of business this month. Co-founded by partners Cairenn Binder, Tracie Boyle and Harmony Vollmer, CCGG’s primary mission is to partner with law enforcement agencies to solve cold cases through genetic genealogy services.   The company’s founders