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We offer a wide variety of genetic genealogy and investigative genetic genealogy services. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding how our services can benefit your cold case investigation.

Investigative genetic genealogy services

  • Suspects of violent crime
  • Unidentified remains (including infant and child remains*)

If your agency needs assistance in solving a violent crime using genetic genealogy, we have the experience and know-how to get the job done. Our genetic genealogists will partner with your agency, assisting with the lab process and providing you with frequent updates. Contact us today for a thorough explanation of our services.


*Per the terms and services of GEDmatch, unidentified child remains must be those for which a crime is thought to have occurred. Remains must be those from a full-term infant or child who was born alive. Stillborn infants and fetal remains are not to be identified using investigative genetic genealogy.

Genetic Genealogy Services

  • Adoption
  • Foundlings
  • Misattributed parentage

People may hide the truth, but DNA doesn’t. If you’ve found an unexpected surprise in your family tree using DNA and need assistance figuring out the true story of your family lineage, contact us today for a free consultation. Hourly pricing is available and we will never charge you for more time than we spent puzzling out your family mystery.

Investigative genetic genealogy training

Does your law enforcement agency wish to keep genetic genealogy in-house? Our genealogists are among the most experienced in the business and have collectively solved dozens of cold cases. From consultations for agencies stuck on a case, to classroom and online instruction in genetic genealogy, we are ready to assist your agency in learning the ropes of investigative genetic genealogy.

Seminars, webinars & presentations

Need an overview of investigative genetic genealogy for your audience? We can provide online or in-person talks to explain how genetic genealogy helps to solve cold cases. From the lab process to ethical concerns, we are ready to answer your audience’s questions about investigative genetic genealogy.




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