Coast to Coast Genetic Genealogy Services, LLC

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May 16, 2022




Woman-owned and operated business specializes in forensic genetic genealogy for the identification of perpetrators and victims of violent crimes


WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK, MAY 2022 –  Coast to Coast Genetic Genealogy Services (CCGG) announces its official launch of business this month. Co-founded by partners Cairenn Binder, Tracie Boyle and Harmony Vollmer, CCGG’s primary mission is to partner with law enforcement agencies to solve cold cases through genetic genealogy services.


The company’s founders have a longstanding history of collaboration with law enforcement to solve cold cases through their volunteerism with the nonprofit organization DNA Doe Project. The founders’ most notable forensic genetic genealogy work to date includes the historic identification of Francis Wayne Alexander, victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.


CCGG will provide forensic genetic genealogy for the identification of suspects in homicide and sexual assault investigations, as well as unidentified remains cases including infant and child remains. Additionally, CCGG will offer educational services for law enforcement agencies desiring to learn forensic genetic genealogy skills, and will provide traditional genetic genealogy work for adoptees or foundlings requiring advanced expertise.


The founding partners of CCGG possess years of experience solving unidentified remains cases using forensic genetic genealogy, and continue to volunteer in that arena while this business venture affords the opportunity to solve violent crimes. Additionally, their diverse skill mix with career backgrounds in education, healthcare, laboratory sciences and business management hold a variety of applications in the burgeoning field of forensic genetic genealogy. 


CCGG will operate remotely, with its founders residing in bicoastal locations: Cairenn Binder in Westchester County, New York and Tracie Boyle in Northern New Jersey, while Harmony Vollmer is located in the Pacific Northwest.


Tracie Boyle states, “The launch of this business is an important step in securing justice for the victims of violent crimes. We are thrilled to begin partnering with law enforcement to solve cold cases.”


The three founders can be contacted for media inquiries and appearances via email at In addition, CCGG is accepting case submissions through its website,



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